Full name: Andrea BeaufortRace: BretonGender: Woman (MtF)
Birthday: 9th Second Seed, 2E 565Birthplace: Camlorn, Cambray HillsHandwriting font: Segoe Script, Regular
Profession: Author/ScholarConstellation: The ShadowSkin: Olive
Alignment: Chaotic NeutralHeight: 170 cm/5'6.9"Build: Average Mesomorph
Eye Color: HazelBody markings: Full body inkHair Color: Chestnut


Art by Rainchii

Speaking with a fluent Bretonic accent bearing a casual intonation, Andrea betrays herself as upper middle class, and usually dresses herself accordingly. She is stereotypically passionate and eccentric, though she is also prone to showing a haughty and condescending conduct befitting her Altmeri blood and Camlornian upbringing.Andrea is inquisitive, intelligent, willful and persistent, all of which supplement her Bretonic magical talent, but her analytical mindset and arrogance can cause her to either overthink or underestimate her problems. She can be blunt, callous and dismissive to a point bordering on disregard, but she is generally amicable if treated with courtesy.Andrea sees her own word as her bond, but she interprets herself freely, and tends to word her promises in ways that let her renege. She prefers to solve conflicts through diplomacy, but she will seldom hesitate if pushed to violence, and though she will gladly offer to help others she is not above finding ways to turn a situation to her own benefit.


A biased account of Andrea's backstory is in the works. It will be posted on Beaufort Books

Blank Tome


  • Andrea's humor tends to be dry.

  • Andrea is a collector of music boxes.

  • Andrea's favorite color is Tyrian purple.

  • Andrea makes copies of every letter she sends.

  • Andrea's favorite beverage is Colovian Red wine.

  • Andrea is mechanophobic, and gives Dwemer ruins a wide berth.

  • Andrea hates the Undaunted for killing the Knights of the Silver Rose.

  • Andrea is relatively well-groomed, though her teeth are slightly discolored.

  • Andrea is terrible at mathematics, knowing only how to add, count and subtract.

  • Andrea loves the books written by Narsis Dren, and scoffs whenever someone tells her he's a fraud.

  • Andrea despises the Mages Guild for monopolizing magical education, and she is banned from using their services.

  • For whatever reason, those with a strong enough sense of smell might notice a bitter but subtle stench clinging to Andrea's blood.

  • Andrea is a poor healer despite her magical abilities, and only knows how to close wounds or perform blood transfusions with draining spells.

  • Andrea is rather festive, and enjoys celebrating both birthdays and Breton holidays. Her favorite holiday is the Day of Release on the 8th of Sun's Dawn.

  • Having never been good at hiding without magic despite being born under the Shadow, Andrea believes The Firmament is utter bunk. She is also terrible at sneaking around.

  • Despite her claims that she was attacked by a vampire during House Montclair's occupation of Northpoint in 2E 582, no-one who was present can corroborate Andrea's story. Even her parents outright deny it.

  • Andrea is a high-functioning sociopath, and generally regards relations between people as transactional. That said, there are a few people she values and cares about beyond their usefulness to her, whom she is willing to set aside her own needs for.

  • Taking great pride in the Bretons' Direnni heritage, Andrea's family line has a long history of emphasizing their Elven blood. Several of her ancestors have tried to woo Mer, but her closest full-blooded Elven ancestor is her great grandmother Turilwen on her father's side. Nevertheless, Andrea proudly boasts being 1/8 Altmer, and is quick to condemn anti-Elven sentiment.



Having her own publishing platform, Andrea is eager to try to peddle her writings, and willing to discuss or argue over them with fans and critics alike.

Crackpot Theorist

Though she is a scholar, Andrea subscribes to a few ideas that are a bit out there, including...

  • The Orcs were actually uplifted from boars and pigs by Malacath.

  • "Dibella" is just an Aedric alter ego of Sanguine, a clever ploy used by the Daedric Prince to infiltrate the Eight Divines.

  • Everyone is guided by "higher entities," powerful beings that are greater than the Divines and Daedra, and beyond everyone's comprehension.

  • The liminal barrier of Nirn was sustained by sacrificing the souls of previous Emperors to the Dragonfires, a process taking place during the coronation of new heirs.

  • The interplay between Anu and Padomay that created the Aurbis and all of its realms was actually a "Chaotic Cataclysm" event, and the Aedra and Daedric Princes are mortals who achieved divinity, as according to the Psijic Order.


Andrea is an avid fan of Tales of Tribute and roleplaying, and would be eager to drag other people into her hobbies.


Andrea's past dealings have left a mark on her, though her secrets are closely guarded. Some might read between the lines, or earn the woman's full trust.


A proud manmer, Andrea cherishes High Rock's culture and history. She would be eager to meet fellow Bretons, or rave at people about freedom and honor.


Focusing on history, magic, daedrology and theology, Andrea might consider partnering up with fellow scholars, or even pass on her knowledge, whether solicited or unsolicited.


Art by ShoutFinder

Andrea in her late teens by ShoutFinder

Art by ShoutFinder

Andrea's body art by ShoutFinder

Art by ShoutFinder

Andrea in her twenties by Rainchii


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